Flu shot drama.

I’m sure wherever you are, people are freaking out about the flu shot. Thanks to Daddy Types I realized the other day that this is the first time I’ve ever been recommended for a flu shot (Madame is just under 3 months old now). I’ve never gotten one before and I was kind of interested to get one, but now I don’t think it’s going to happen. I called around my area today looking for info and I got a whole mix of responses. Some pharmacies said they have no plans to give them out, some said they would be giving them out but they didn’t know who would qualify or how many they would have, and one pharmacy said they would have a nurse decide what the 300 most serious cases were and give them to those people. Everywhere though said to come early. As one guy put it, “It will be a mob scene.”

Is this worth it? Sure, the CDC suggests it and it is for the sake of my child, but there really aren’t a lot of doses out there and aren’t there a lot more fragile people who could use it? Not to mention if I show up at a drug store with over 500 elderly people looking for one of 300 shots, I think they might just gang up and beat me down – no matter what the CDC says. So for what it’s worth I’ve decided to talk it over with Madame’s pediatrician, which is probably the best course of action. He’ll know what to do (and hopefully know how to avoid that beating).

Also, good NY Times article about what a mess all this is.