Drive-thru luxury.

I’ve never been much of a drive-thru kind of guy. Sure, occasionally at In-N-Out Burger I’ll hit the drive-thru line (by the way, “thru” seems to be the universal spelling for all drive-thru lines), but usually I’ll just park and go in. In my youth I probably would have said that drive-thru convenience was just another example of a lazy America, but all of that’s changed now since I have a child in the back seat. It’s almost like being able to stay in your car is this brand new luxury I’ve discovered.

The other day I was out with Madame running some errands, and she decides to fuss in the back. But by now I'm on the other side of town, I’m thirsty as hell, and I’ve forgotten a bottle of water from home (I should lay off the Fritos at lunch, but that’s besides the point). Normally I would have ducked inside the closest 7-11 and grabbed some Gatorade or something, but taking a crying baby out of the car and bringing her into a random 7-11 isn’t something I’m prepared to do. Then I realize I can roll through the drive-thru at McDonald’s and just get a drink. Eureka!

Now I’m looking for opportunities to stay in the car everywhere I go. ATM? Drive it thru. Pharmacy? Drive it thru. Post office? Stay in the car and drop it in the box. The young-me can call me lazy all he wants, but the new-me is not listening. I’m lovin’ it.