Halloween bunting.

Halloween is officially a month away and I spent a good part of last week trying to figure out what my little girl is going to be this year. Even though she’ll barely be 3 months old, it’s my favorite holiday and we’re going to participate. Her costume however has to meet my three requirements for any good Halloween costume.

1. The costume has to be specific and immediately recognizable. If you have to explain it to someone at a party, you have failed.
2. The costume should provide you with some sort of shtick or gag that you can repeat all night long. For example, one year I went to a party as the pope and blessed and absolved people all night. Plus I was infallible so that didn’t hurt.
3. The costume can not completely cover your face or hinder your ability to drink in any way.

If it was 1997 I’d get my mom to make her a grey suit, dress her up like Mini-Me and be done with it, but that’s way too tired. I did find an infant Wonder Woman costume for sale that sounds cool, but the website doesn’t have a picture of it. I’m still open to ideas, but I think I’m going to go with a personal Halloween tradition. I go as Santa, and this year I’ll bring along my own little Christmas tree.