Daddy binky.

It seems our friends in Russia are reporting that “Specialists from the University of Goettingen” have created something the world (or maybe just Russia) has apparently been waiting for – the adult pacifier. The English translation is a little rough, but Pravda (old-school communism, online since 1999!) reports:

German scientists have come up with a revolutionary approach to help those suffering from heavy snoring condition. This time, they developed a special pacifier for adults, which is meant to bring immediate relief. (Full article here)

Apparently these “scientists” have cured snoring by creating a man-sized binky and sticking it in some poor guy’s mouth. These geniuses figured out that if you’ve got something in your mouth, you can’t snore. And they’re claiming 7 out of 10 are cured (the other three guys probably just spit it out immediately like my daughter does). If you really want to stop snoring, do like I did – loose some weight and roll over on your side. And if that doesn’t work see a doctor (it could be a serious problem), but I would probably avoid one from the University of Goettingen.

(On a side note, did you know that the term “Binky” is owned by Playtex? I guess file that one along with the Gerber “Onesie.")