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April 13, 2005


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regarding MOMA in NYC: when we visited, we got tickets in advance, which save a incredible amount of time. You pay a bit more, but NYC costs an arm and a leg anyways, so consider it worth it.

as for Boston, where I live, if it's a nice day, go check out the Decordova Museum in Lincoln -- you'll need a car, but there's a huge sculpture garden to walk around. as for restaurants, since my twins were just born, we haven't quite been adventurous, but i agree that the South End is good. We live in Jamaica Plain, and there are a bunch of restaurants that would work well -- "Bella Luna" for awesome pizza, james Gate for outdoor irish pubbing.

good luck, and have fun. I'm insterested on what people with carseats do in taxis -- hopefully we'll get a good summary!

Most cab rides are so short that we've just held the baby. Yeah, we suck, but as you say, how could we tote the Britax around the rest of the time??

In New York, the two neighborhoods that are most baby friendly are the Upper West Side and Tribeca- In Tribeca, Le Zinc, Odeon, Bubby's, and Landmarc in particular are very good with kids. For the subway, use the lightest stroller you have- some stations have elevators, many do not.

The South End in Boston has a couple good child welcome restaurants that wont disappoint adults. Try: The Dish on Shawmut St (you can also visit my favorite cheese store. South End Formaggio across the street -- another place that welcome kids, tho kinda tight with a stroller) and Picco Pizza. Much bigger than The Dish with the best thin crust gourment pizza in town and homemade ice cream. It's located on Tremont St about two blocks from me.

Have fun!

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