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September 17, 2004


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» Camo Everything, Let Got Sort'em Out from Daddy Types
We have few hard and fast rules around the house, but No Headbands makes the cut. [Luckily, the kid had so much hair, we didn't need to get into No Taping A Bow On The Kid's Bald Head.] Besides accentuating a baby head's most billiard ball-like qualiti... [Read More]

» Wry Baby, The Right Amount of Funny from Daddy Types
In New Orleans a couple of weeks ago, when we took the kid to her first dive bar (We were told it was a restaurant. Long story. It was lunchtime...), the bartender's t-shirt told me he probably knew his customers better than they knew themselves: "Just... [Read More]


Those are great. I think my 10 month old needs the "I'm not a baby" shirt for her birthday...

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