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April 07, 2006


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Modern Day Dad, I am the family reporter at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and I am searching for daddy bloggers, particularly Seattle-based dads for a story. Where are you based?

After going more than a month seeing no new posts, at one point even thinking the web site was offline, I was prepared to give you the Daddy Blogger of the Year Award. A prerequisite of receiving the award is your giving up your blog because you are spending so much time with your family. Man, you totally blew it!

Love your blog. Am recommending it on my blog: http://www.coolbabytips.com. IF you'd like me to post a photo with the post about you or any other info let me know. Would also love your feedback before I get mine fully up and running. Do you have a book deal yet? I think you should.


Glad to see that you are back! Because after all...the phone! The phone is ringing!

Yeah, we like it at our house too.

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