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February 28, 2006


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FYI: The Ooba bassinet later flips over and becomes a table or chair--most modern pieces have dual or more functionality than you think so you should always research/ask/check out the piece on the designer's website. It's actually quite a beautiful piece when it's not a bassinet.

We almost made a run for it with the bassinet from the hospital. Molded clear acrylic, stainless wheeled stand with storage... what's not to like? Beats lace and navajo white from babies r us!

We lucked out -- we have a vintage bassinet that my husband and all his siblings inherited from his dad. It is made out of that twisted paper, like Lloyd Loom. Heck, being from the early 1930s, it may very well BE Lloyd Loom! The design is very simple, straight and square, and it is not lined with fabric or embellished in any way. We repainted it creamy yellow (best contrast with white sheets we thought), and stuck new wheels from Lee Valley on it. Our baby stayed in it for 5 months, and we all loved it.

Like you, we intended to get the Netto crib (it had just come out), but in the end, we got a custom-painted Jenny Lind crib from Plain Jane. Apart from that, our purchases (and non-purchases) are eerily similar!!

Ooba bassinet is beautiful, and well worth it. Plus you can keep your bedroom doors open! I also like the height. Some of those little baskets keep baby too low on the floor which is not as nice.

we visited my boyfriend's sister and her newborn this weekend. she had one of those hideous babies-r-us bassinets, and not only that, but their mom made a ruffled skirt for it out of her wedding dress. yikes!

we're trying to get pregnant and now i'm completely horrified that someone might offer it to us. i don't want to offend my momma's boy fiancee, and i'm not a huge snob, nor can i afford the $500 beauty you posted, but man, that thing is fugly!

Have you seen the Cariboo bassinets? If you are looking for something more modern looking, you might check them out.

Check out the Amby Baby Hammock -- Great alternative to a bassinet. It's portable, good for your baby, and doesn't look out of place next to your herman miller chairs.


Thanks for keeping the website up!


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