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February 16, 2006


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We bought a bugaboo board while overseas earlier this year but it seems to be short of an attachment. All we have is the board which does not hook onto the crossbar securely. I think it is missing a part but cannot find a photo of what it should look like can anyone oblige?

I have a 2 1/2 yer old an all 1 month old, we have been using a double Maclaren (hate it to wide) and a Valco Runabout. I am getting rid of the Valco as it is to wide and to chunky compared to teh Phil and Teds my friends have, but before we buy one (a new one is being released in March 2007 by the way) I was thinking of diving into the BUGABOO but I was wondering also is my duaghter to young. The seat The Boo Board looks great but I really wonder if she will stay put for at least 1/2 the time when shopping otherwise I can't get a Bugaboo no point. Also is it true Bugaboo is bringing out a double in June?

We just love the bugaboo. I have seen a lot of Bugaboo Boards about. The problem with them is that some times a toddler does not want to stand. As mentioned above you can buy a seat that attaches to the wheeled board. It is called a Boo Board Seat. Google it. It costs around £65. Just found a link http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Boo-Board-Seat

The Bugaboard is great, especially since there is now a seat available that you can attach to the board so that your older child and stand or sit. Contact me for more information.

check out philandteds.com -- they have a stroller that can work for one or two kids -- with a newborn and a toddler or with two toddlers. amazing design!

My sister-in-law swears by the Mountain Buggy Urban Double Stroller. She's a mother of four and according to her, "it [MBUD] kicks the Peg Perego's and Maclaren's ass." The fact that each side is independently adjustable means that her newborn and toddler can ride all over town together.

We didn't have the foresight Mark did, and didn't attach it until no. 2 was already around, which did prompt no. 1 to think that the baby was kicking him out of his ride. Even though that seemed to get resolved, our 2 1/2 year old son doesn't seem to like it much. It also makes pushing the stroller a little awkward, because I have to walk to the side of it to avoid kicking it.
As for doubles, we got a I'coo Platon Duo, which we like for around the neighborhood (but it's too heavy to bother to even try and put in the car). I also really liked the Mutsy double (which is another heavy one), but it was too expensive by the time shipping from Europe was included.

We got one in preparation for baby #2 (born when kid #1 was 2.7 months), and it hasn't worked out well. We even bought it 3 months before the new baby came so our son could get used to it without thinking the baby was kicking him out of his Bugaboo. He'd ride on it for a block or two (in NYC) then want to get off. We ended up buying a Phil & Ted's double, and either use that or a carrier plus single stroller.

I just discovered your blog through a google search for the Reebok Velocity stroller (it's on a friend's registry). Had to comment as I pointed the Bugaboo toddler attachment in use to my husband no less than three times this weekend. We live in London where Bugaboos are de rigeur; I keep waiting for my gym to offer valet parking for them. Anyway, I see the wheeled board in use all the time and every older sibling I see on it seems happy as can be! They look adorable too!

I have been wondering whether or not this would be a good investment, too. We love the Bugaboo but lately Roo (23 months and counting) has been wanting to push it more than ride in it... Please let us know what you discover.

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