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December 06, 2005


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» Toy Wish List 2005 - kind of from Theledge.net
So, way back in November I got a nice little email from AJ at Thingamababy which requested that, if I like, I formulate a list of at least 5 items I want for my child, with the idea that perhaps other people might find what I had to say useful. I am a [Read More]


But the thing is, even at full-price and labels, Huggies never fit our kids right and were leaky around the leg opening. So, the Kirklands aren't a bargain.

OK. That is weird, but I can kind of see it (being in a band always increases the hotness-factor). Maybe you should buy your wife a pair of green pants.

OK. I have a confession and PLEASE don't tell my wife. I have a huge crush on Laurie Berkner. Weird huh? I think we need to cancel our subscription to Noggin.

I've never had a problem with the Kirkland diapers, they are just a clone of Huggies. I am glad they came back with their own brand of wipes again. They didn't have them for a while here and I had to use other brands that seemed way too thick and I went through them too fast. Don't they come with their own dispenser? Thats the main reason I like their wipes so much.

Check out Jen on Hi-5. You would like the kid music, and Jen is very easy on the eye. Keeps me watching...

I just wantd to thank you for posting that link for anysoldier.com. I had no idea such a thing even existed. Im from Canada but cant help but be touched by all the 'wish lists' so many simple things that I know I take for granted. I'll definitally be sending out at least one package in the next week.
thanks again.

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