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November 18, 2005


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Fantastic Designs
These bikes are great. here's video of my 2-6 year old on a Buga-bike. I totally recommend them.
Buga-bike by Sabamba ltd 1999.
(VIDEO)Buga-bike bicycle for toddlers
It really is the perfect bike for a toddler and I am constantly telling other parents where I got it!

We decided to get the likeabike jumper for our boy after taking him to the store to check them out - he wasn't so fond of the wood. It really is the perfect bike for a toddler and I am constantly telling other parents where I got it!

I like the look of this alright but was unsure if it was just a gimmick more than actually helping the child but that's for clearing this up, a company call Imaginarium does a version of this that's alot cheaper €169, you can add pedals onto it when the child has got the balance and it does a child from 2.5 to 8 years, here's a link to the irish website but I'm pretty sure they are an international company

like a bike is great but we found a much more affordable version $80 instead of $280 . I think it is more attractive and just as durable. Our son has learned to balance on the skuut . We found it at www.skuut.com

A beautiful form with incredibly fun function! Riding a bugabike is incredible fun for kids! As early as two years old, children can fulfill their urge to be active with this walking bike and have their first experience of riding on two wheels. A bugabike has no pedals. When first trying to ride, kids play with their bugabike as they would with a hobbyhorse.
Verry Nice bike. I like it.

Fantastic French Idea :-)
J'ai trouve sa genial pour les Enfants de 2 ans a 5ans
http://www.sabamba.eu ou www.bugabike.fr

Coordination, Equilibre et Habilité
kitidea ® n’a pas de pédales. Pourquoi ? Parce que les enfants de 2 ans n’ont pas le sens de l’équilibre, il leur faut donc l’apprendre et kitidea ® va les y aider. Et n’oublions pas que le premier vélocipède du grand-duc de Baden, Karl von Drais, la draisienne ou vélocipède, n’avait pas de pédales. Un simple retour aux sources !


Avec kitidea ®, les enfants se déplacent à la force de leurs jambes et freinent par le processus inverse, en apportant de la résistance au sol avec les jambes. Simple comme bonjour ! kitidea ® ne possède pas de freins car les enfants de 2 ans n’ont pas suffisamment de réflexes pour les utiliser à bon escient, il est plus naturel et plus efficace pour eux d'utiliser leurs pieds.

En un temps record, les enfants sont en mesure de se déplacer avec kitidea ® tout en gardant l’équilibre.

Plus tard votre enfant pourra ainsi passer sans difficulté de kitidea ® au vélo à pédales. Vous n’entendrez jamais parler de petites roues !

kitidea ® est employé avec succès pour ses qualités par les kinésithérapeutes afin de faciliter le développement moteur de certains enfants en difficultés.

Le premier moyen de locomotion de votre enfant va devenir son jouet favori. Vous serez étonnés par son habileté à se déplacer. Offrez à votre enfant la joie de découvrir la mobilité par ses propres moyens !

Verry Good Idea.

The LikeABike format is a popular choice in Europe where children graduate from a tricycle (if they have one at all) to a pedal-less bike, to a "real" bike. The base concept is that children quickly learn how to pedal, but the balancing of a two-wheeler is more difficult.

I've taught two kids how to ride a bike in an afternoon by removing the pedals and having them scoot/coast to learn balance. Pedaling is easy after the balance is learned.

And if $279 is a little steep, check out the Kettler Sprint. It usually runs less than $100. (Toys R Us (via Amazon) lists it at $89.99.)

That is very fab...I know the girl would love a lil cruiser like that, but I'm not sure it's $279 fab.

I love it. In fact, it looks familiar. I recently saw on the Travel Channel a bike that looked remarkably like this one. I believe they were in the Netherlands somewhere, and said that all children start with these bikes before graduation to the pedal variety. Or I could be hallucinating again.

I think it's a great active toy that will promote exercise and a love of being outside. Plus, as a great admirer or modern design, I think it's beautiful. Get it (then post photos for us).

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