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July 20, 2005


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My wife is huge into cloth diapers. They can be messy and fragrant, as a matter of fact they are absolutely disgusting. I hate them but we are a team so I comply. The cloth wipes are equally enjoyable.

Thanks for the bit about my website.

Oh yeah... wiping poop off your baby's butt is far grosser than wiping an occassional bit off a diaper. That's why I say, if you've got the guts to change disposable diapers, you've got the guts for reusables.

I launder with the same amount of regular detergent I use for our clothes. Water use is at a minimum because we have a front loading washer (more efficient). I occassionally add a cup of vinegar to quelch odor. No bleach.

There's actually very little "wiping off" of poop. I use biodegradeable flushable liners. Slide the liner into the toilet and I'm done. Once in a blue moon it's a little messy. I guess I should clarify that in the blog posting.

A good portion of most throwaway diapers comes from petroleum, which taxes the world, not just the local environment. But anyhow, I went with resuables for many other great reasons.

At the risk of getting flamed, there are environmental reasons for NOT using cloth diapers - in areas prone to drought the use of scarce water to launder them taxes the natural resource. Also all the bleach and detergents can't be good ....

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