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January 28, 2005


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I saw Collateral tonight. I liked it a lot (great shots of LA) - it was a good rental. Also, I had heard that about Million Dollar Baby - that you think it's going to be this movie about this woman who boxes but PSYCH! It's really about something incredibly (and universally) depressing. I won't give it away here for those that might read this and want to go be depressed, but I'm all set with that movie.

We went to Reel Moms this morning with some friends. The movie was Million Dollar Baby, and Holy Crap, was it depressing. It was like, "if a baby made the slightest sound, the parents would fight over who got to take him out" bad.

Collateral was good. So was Sideways. I can't watch anything Shrek because there is a girl in my hometown who looks exactly like Shrek. The same face I mean.

Ray - I would see this if this was called Diana (as in Diana Ross)

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